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What to expect in High Tax Jeet.

High Tax Jeet Whitepaper
High Tax Jeet (HTJ) is a decentralized cryptocurrency built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with a primary focus on creating sustainable rewards for its holders through an innovative taxing mechanism. This whitepaper elucidates the project’s core objectives, technicalities, governance model, tokenomics, utility, security measures, and the roadmap for its future development.

1. Introduction

High Tax Jeet stands as a testament to the revival of the original BSC ethos, aiming to cultivate a community-centered ecosystem. The project embodies principles of fairness, transparency, and utility to establish a robust and rewarding environment for its stakeholders.

2. Vision and Mission

Our vision entails the establishment of an inclusive and sustainable ecosystem that not only rewards holders but also actively contributes to the growth and advancement of the broader BSC community. Our mission is to provide a secure, transparent, and rewarding investment avenue via a suite of utility-driven features.

3. Tokenomics

Token Name: High Tax Jeet (HTJ)
Total Supply: 10,000,000 HTJ (fixed supply)
Max Wallet: 5% of total supply
Max Transaction: 2% of total supply

4. Taxing Mechanism

High Tax Jeet employs a strategic transaction tax model to support various facets of the ecosystem:

Buy Tax: 11%
1% – Development
1% – Liquidity
1% – Marketing
8% – Holder Rewards (in BUSD)
Sell Tax: 17%
1% – Development
2% – Liquidity
2% – Marketing
12% – Holder Rewards (in BUSD)

5. Security Measures

High Tax Jeet is committed to ensuring the highest level of security and transparency:

Successfully Audited by Techrate
80% of Liquidity Locked for 200 years
20% of Tokens Burned
Ownership Renounced

6. Utility Features

The HTJ ecosystem offers an array of utility features to foster engagement and value creation:

Lottery: A platform enabling users to participate in lotteries using BNB thta means that this lottery can be played by every person in the bsc chain.
Anti-Jeet Launchpad: An exclusive launchpad for vetted projects aimed at preventing rug pulls and scams by offering secure contracts and full control of the liquitity pool.
High Tax Utility Workshop: Educational sessions and workshops focusing on the BSC ecosystem, DeFi, and blockchain technology. And HTJ offer every possible service, utility or code that any priject needs.
Staking NFTs: Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) providing additional benefits and rewards for staking HTJ tokens. This is the one and only way to get HTJ token with staking.

Over 2800 BUSD paid as rewards: Demonstrating the commitment to rewarding our holders.

More utilitys are planned and will come in the near future what will benefit everybody.

7. Governance and Community Involvement

High Tax Jeet prioritizes community governance and involvement:

Governance proposals and voting mechanisms for decision-making involving the ecosystem’s development and direction.
Community-driven initiatives and engagement programs to encourage active participation and contributions.

8. Roadmap

The roadmap outlines the key milestones and plans for High Tax Jeet’s future development:

  • Continuous development and enhancement of existing utility features.
  • Expansion of partnerships and collaborations to strengthen the ecosystem.
  • Implementation of additional utilities to increase token utility and value.
9. Conclusion

High Tax Jeet is dedicated to providing a secure and rewarding investment opportunity within the BSC ecosystem. By focusing on community engagement, transparency, and continuous development, we aim to create enduring value for our stakeholders.

Expanding on each section of the whitepaper would involve providing detailed technical explanations, diagrams, financial projections, and a more comprehensive overview of the project’s technology and features.

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Reward mechanism

One of the standout features of High Tax Jeet is its unique reward mechanism. Holders of the token receive a substantial 20% reward passive income, simply for holding the token in their wallets. This means that by participating in the project, investors can passively earn rewards without having to actively trade or engage in complex yield farming strategies. The project's sustainability and further growth are fueled by a tax on transactions. This tax is an essential aspect of High Tax Jeet's ecosystem, ensuring that the project has the resources to fund marketing efforts, execute various rewards, and maintain overall stability.

Buys and Sells

A fascinating aspect of High Tax Jeet's reward system is the different percentages given to holders depending on whether someone buys or sells the token. Whenever a new investor buys the token, the existing holders are rewarded with an 8% share in BUSD. This encourages holding and attracts new participants to the project. On the other hand, when a holder decides to sell their High Tax Jeet tokens, they receive a generous 12% reward in BUSD. This creates an interesting dynamic in the project, incentivizing holders to stay invested while providing them with additional rewards for their loyalty.


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